Friday, 3 June 2011

Half Term Madness

This week has been Half Term in the Midlands of England so I have plenty to blog about, I've made the effort to take my camera with me wherever I go, you never know where a photo-op may pop up.

Every Sunday we go to my dad's amd Step-mum's for dinner, I love going round there as we all get spoilt rotten and the kids can run wild in the garden, my dad is the biggest kid going and still gets up on a Saturday morning to watch the cartoons so when he has his grandkiddies round it gives him ample opportunity to watch even more cartoons....Now I thought Damian was a telly head but my dad is even worse so I know where he gets it from, once the telly is on you cannot get a word out of any of them.

On Monday I took the kids for milkshakes, I've taken Erin before for a little treat but this time Damian came along, the milkshakes are to die for.

As you can see the kids ordered chocolate milkshakes and I had a strawberry one, they proceeded to drink mine then drink their own so in effect I only had half a strawberry milkshake.

To get into town, which is only a 15 minute walk, we walk along the Boating Lake, sometimes we stop to feed the many ducks, swans and Canadian geese, sometimes we don't, I'm terrified of the geese, they just get too close and after being bitten on the behind by one of them months ago I'm afraid to get too close, but before we got milkshakes we made a stop to feed them.

Damian is our resident scientist, he loves to do experiments and make potions, his book de jour is always an encyclopedia, we have many kicking around the house and he always has his nose in one. He also goes to an after school science club which is aptly  called Grossology, over the past few weeks they have made fake blood and fake boils and bruises. He likes to make potions using nearly every single ingredient he can get his hands on, que one very smelly and disgusting mixture, enjoy the pictures.

Yesterday we went along to East Carlton Country Park, a lot of other families had the same idea, it was heaving but it was a lovely hot day and the kids had a whale of a time, we even bumped into my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew.

This is the resident turtle/terrapin, excuse the quality of the pics but I had to zoom in as far as it would go to even get this close.

This is Erin storming off.

Lovely conkers growing by the bucketful, will sure be there to pick them all when they are ripe.

During Halloween they have a spooky walk around the park and this manor looks haunted even on a nice day, never mind on Halloween.

Wow this is turning into a very long post but I did warn you, I will leave you with random pics taken this week, Damian has now gone camping with his Granny, Grandad and his cousin til Sunday so Erin and I are taking the opportunity to relax and have some Mummy and Daughter time doing little-else.

Picking Erin up from Nursery

Trying to catch Damian off-guard to take a nice pic.

The New Corby Cube which houses the council offices, a theatre and the Library

The New Olympic-sized swimming pool

The Raving Rabbids about town.

Aww.....Sibling Love, I Heart these 2

These pics were taken last year but I just came across them and they are too beautiful to not get a mention.


  1. Wow sounds like a busy week. Love the photos :-)

  2. great photos :)

    found you via Gina's bloggerversary linky!