Thursday, 20 December 2012

Erin's Questions

I got this idea from my beloved Pinterest. I think the idea of doing this every year on Erin's birthday then making a folder for them as a keepsake when she is an adult, is a lovely thing to do. If she is anything like her mother then I know she will love it.

  1. What is your favourite colour? Orange
  2. What is your favourite toy? Chocolate coin maker
  3. What is your favourite fruit? Plum
  4. What is your favourite TV Show? Dora The Explorer
  5. What is your favourite snack? Raisins
  6. What is your favourite animal? Chicks
  7. What is your favourite song? Lullaby
  8. What is your favourite book? Colouring book
  9. Who is your best friend? Lucy
  10. What is your favourite thing to do outside? Roll in the grass when it's a sunny day
  11. What is your favourite drink? Blackcurrant juice
  12. Which is your favourite holiday? Easter
  13. Who is your favourite person in the world? Mummy and Damian
  14.  What do you want to be when you grow up? Car driver
  15. What is your favourite thing to do at school? Write on the big board at Choosing Time
  16. Who is your favourite cartoon character? Dora
  17. Give 3 words to describe you brother? Happy, proud of me, sometimes mean
  18. Give 3 words to describe your family? Lovely, special, funny
  19. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? Get all the food and eat it all
  20. Give 3 words to describe yourself? Happy, caring, friendly
She needed a bit of help with choosing words to describe, but other than that, these are her answers. It will be lovely to look back and see which answers change and which stay the same.

This would have been nice to do with Damian, but seeing as he'll be 10 on his birthday, I'm going to change the questions, I know he wont be as fussed as Erin with having this but it'll be nice for me to keep.

Erin's 5th Birthday

I can't believe my baby is now 5, it doesn't seem so long ago that I brought her home from the hospital all brand new.

She certainly is a bundle of sweetness mixed with a dash of mischievousness, but I wouldn't change her for the world.

Happy Birthday Princess, we love you so much xx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Silly cats

I love cats, period!!

They are so funny. My mum has 7 of the beggars and each one of them has their own individual personality.

The cat wearing the santa hat and beard is Snowball, my mum took him home thinking he was a girl, it wasn't until she took them to be spayed and they discovered Snowball was a boy cat and was therefore neutured, we now call him No-Balls. This cat is the most laidback cat you can find, he didn't move a whisker when we were putting the hat and beard on him.

The black and white cat is Harvey, he is a beast of a Tom-cat but is a total wuss.

The other cats are: Diglet, Smudge, Cornflake, Buttons and Minnie. I will take pics and blog about them another time, but I will leave you with some very funny cats.....

Stay and Play morning at Erin's school

So this morning, I spent the best part of an hour doing crafts with Erin and I have to admit, I still love it and I think Erin is going to take after me.