Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Silly cats

I love cats, period!!

They are so funny. My mum has 7 of the beggars and each one of them has their own individual personality.

The cat wearing the santa hat and beard is Snowball, my mum took him home thinking he was a girl, it wasn't until she took them to be spayed and they discovered Snowball was a boy cat and was therefore neutured, we now call him No-Balls. This cat is the most laidback cat you can find, he didn't move a whisker when we were putting the hat and beard on him.

The black and white cat is Harvey, he is a beast of a Tom-cat but is a total wuss.

The other cats are: Diglet, Smudge, Cornflake, Buttons and Minnie. I will take pics and blog about them another time, but I will leave you with some very funny cats.....

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