Wednesday, 18 April 2012

20 Things To Do Before I'm 40

Yes, I have another 8 years but I have a lot planned and will need the dollar to proceed with said plans!!

  1.  Take my sproglets to Walt Disney World Florida next year.
  2. Get down to a reasonable weight: This is an ongoing bugbear of mine and ideally the weight will be lost in the next 16 months in time for No.1
  3. Plan at least 1 fancy dress party.....just because!!
  4. Go to NYC for a long weekend shopping with the girlies.
  5. Take my sister to Las Vegas for her 21st (in 4 years time), can you see the USA theme!!
  6. Change my hairstyle and experiment with clothes....atm my hair is long, dark and curly, my clothes are pretty non descript which translates into I don't stand out of the crowd and people rarely remember seeing me.
  7. Fall madly in love.
  8. Move away from my hometown.....I don't know if this will be do-able, but it's an option and I've already moved away once and came back.
  9. Start saving for a rainy day.
  10. Keep up with my beloved Blog.
  11. Make new friends.
  12. Seeing as I've just landed a new job, I want to excel in what I do and see what opportunities come my way.
  13. Enjoy cooking more.
  14. See the Aurora Borealis
  15. Visit Rome
  16. Visit Paris
  17. Take the sprogs to Egypt
  18. Spend 3 months in Canada...I've always wanted to live in Canada but would need to go on an extended holiday just to make sure I like it.
  19. Parachute out of an aeroplane....attached to an experienced person of course
  20. Reconnect with my spirituality.
I was trying for 40 Things, but I really can't think of that many things that I want to do that I haven't already done before.

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