Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter 2012 Part 2

Wow, what fun we've had these past 2 days: On Saturday, we waited in all day for a postal delivery that never came, I'm a bit miffed about that, as it was our Disney jigsaw that we were going to start tonight for our Family Games Night, but that's Royal Mail for you!! But we did get our Easter Cake delivery and I have to say they were simply delicious.

I took the kids into town to walk off some of that energy and there were teacups to ride in, they begged and pleaded to go on them, but at 2 pound a pop it was very expensive, cue more pleading and whining from the kids until I gave in. It did give me a laugh to watch them spinning around and giggling so much.

On Easter Sunday, Erin tried to wake me up at dear child, it is only acceptable to wake Mummy up at 6am on Christmas Day!! She was just so excited about our little Easter Egg Hunt:

It was very wet and dreary but certainly didn't dampen their spirits.

Yesterday was also the day for the kids to hurt themselves; Erin fell over and hurt her knee and Damian split his head open, both were fine after a little attention and some kisses and cuddles, but it sure scares the crap out of me when it involves head wounds and lots of blood....who would know so a small cut would bleed so much.

So with the kids considerably hurt, I'll leave this post with a few other pics taken over the weekend.

Happy Easter to all!!

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