Friday, 15 February 2013

Half Term Week Round-up

This week has been half term and boy have we had a lot to celebrate.

Sunday was Chinese New Year - The year of the Snake.

As is tradition in China, I ordered some red envelopes and gave the children one each, filled with money (2 pound each, an odd number would have been considered bad luck along with the number 8, Chinese believe the number 4 is lucky)

To celebrate, Erin and I learnt to say Hello in Chinese Ni-Hao (Nee-How). We also learnt about how children live in China using our new book.

We made some Lanterns out of some patterned paper which we coloured in.

Erin tried her hand at writing the Chinese symbols used instead of numbers. She also wrote Snake in Chinese.

Lastly, she drew the Chinese flag and wrote a little something about the day.

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday and of course we celebrated with homemade pancakes for breakfast. Damian and I ate our plain while of course, Erin had to be different, so she decorated hers with strawberry sauce and sprinkles. We all agreed that homemade pancakes for breakfast was definitely something we had to do more often. I wont share any pictures on how messy my kitchen got when making the pancakes.

Yesterday was St Valentine's Day. I helped Erin make some cards for each of her Grandparents and her Auntie Katie, although I forgot to take a picture of them before we handed them out. We also made some Lovebugs.

Erin made 2 Lovebugs for her best friend Lucy and her baby sister Phoebe who are coming to visit today. I made some Lovebugs and cards for my 2 biggest loves...My children.

I pinched the idea for the Lovebugs from this wonderful site and tweaked it to make them ours.

Today will be spent with our friends. Erin and Lucy have been friends since they were at nursery and while they now go to different schools, we always make it a rule to keep in touch.

So that pretty much wraps up our half term week. Tomorrow we will go shopping for packed lunch food for going back to school and Sunday will be spent with my dad and stepmum like we do every Sunday.

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