Saturday, 16 February 2013

What about Damian??

I don't know whether you'll notice, but Damian doesn't guest star that often on my blog, he is your typical pre-teen boy and will not join in with anything he deems to be girly and seeing as myself and Erin are the biggest girly girl's going, most things we do can be deemed as girly in his eyes.

With that in mind, I thought I'd give him his very own spot right here on this blog to let people see what he gets up to and what he prefers to do.

His favourite toy at the moment is The Trash Pack Series.

Meet the Trashies

 He has approx 181 Trashies, some are doubles (which he DOES NOT want to swap ever), some of them are quite cute while others are a bit gross, but he loves them.

They also come with Trash Lorries and Road Sweepers.

At our local Tesco, we noticed they have brought our a new vehicle for Series 3, which went straight onto his Birthday list. He really enjoys these and plays with them all the time, so I really don't mind buying them for him. He went through a stage with Lego, I bought him tons of the stuff and it now resides in a box on the shelf, I can't remember the last time he played with it.

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