Thursday, 7 March 2013


It sometimes gets lost along the way but it's something I want my children to always have. We are by no means a rich family in terms of money, but we are rich in love and our health and I'm thankful every day that we are all healthy and we have each other...material items are just a bonus.

I thought of a way to teach my children about compassion and stumbled across a lovely website

What a lovely way for children to learn about and show compassion for other children than to take time out of their day to draw a picture, write a letter or give them something to bring a smile to the other child's face.

We are planning on writing to a lot of children featured on this website, but for now Erin has drawn a picture and written a letter to a little girl similar in age.

Erin decided she wanted to draw an Underwater scene including a dolphin, we looked through our encyclopedias for some inspiration and this is what she came up with.

She also wrote a little letter introducing herself then she selected some gifts she wanted to give to this little girl.


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