Thursday, 12 December 2013

Our Elf On The Shelf

Mr Jingles came to us on the morning of Friday 6th December and became an instant hit with both kids. Not surprising since he came bearing gifts.

Erin received a letter from Santa explaining why Mr Jingles was staying with us and he included a little report card for Erin to fill out on how Mr Jingles was behaving. He even had his own little passport, how cute is that!!

On Saturday, Mr Jingles let his mischievous side out and hung Erin's underwear on the Christmas Tree, Damian and Erin thought it was hilarious and couldn't stop talking about it all day.

On Sunday, he brought Donuts for us to eat for breakfast...I guess he was making up for being mischievous yesterday.

On Monday, Mr Jingles and Mr Bear were playing Noughts & Crosses.

On Tuesday, he made himself comfortable in the doll's house.

On Wednesday, he read a story with his friend Santa.

And today, Mr Jingles brought Damian and Erin some new Christmas dishes along with a note asking them to be nice to their teacher and friends.

He has only been here for a week, but he has definitely settled in and is an additional member of our little family. There was even murmurs from Damian and Erin that they will be sad to see him go on Christmas Eve!!

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