Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Erin turns 6

This year she wanted a party..in fact she left it until the last minute to tell me she wanted a party, so my organisational-self went into over-drive.

She invited a few select friends to the house, I had put on some snacks to eat, along with a cake decorating station, which all the girls loved.

We had a disco area in the living room where the girls could dance along to One Direction...cue much screaming from them when a song came on.

They all had lots of fun and each girl left with either a necklace or a bracelet, a stationery set and a big slab of cake (along with the many cupcakes they decorated) I pleaded with the parents to take extra cakes so I wouldn't have to eat them myself bin them!

Erin talked about her party for days after, she certainly had a lot of fun and I must admit, I had lots of fun too, I will always look back fondly remembering a room full of girls dancing wildly to Gangnam Style.

Last year I started a birthday tradition where I asked Erin 20 Question to do with her favourite things. Every year I'll ask the same 20 questions and see which answers change and which stay the same.

You can see last year's answer's here.

This year's answers are:

1.      What is your favourite colour? Pink
2.      What is your favourite toy? Littlest Pet Shop cat
3.      What is your favourite fruit? Berries
4.      What is your favourite TV Show? Adventure Time
5.      What is your favourite snack? Sausage Rolls
6.      What is your favourite animal? Cat
7.      What is your favourite song? Dynamite by Taio Cruz
8.      What is your favourite book? Ballet
9.      Who is your best friend? Evie and Abbie and Morgan
10.  What is your favourite thing to do outside? Play tig
11.  What is your favourite drink? Orange juice
12.  Which is your favourite holiday? Christmas
13.  Who is your favourite person in the world? Mummy and Damian
14.   What do you want to be when you grow up? Hairdresser
15.  What is your favourite thing to do at school? Literacy
16.  Who is your favourite cartoon character? Ben and Holly
17.  Give 3 words to describe you brother? Funny, Loving, Nice
18.  Give 3 words to describe your family? Loving, Nice, Awesome
19.  If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? Draw lots of pictures
20.  Give 3 words to describe yourself? Funny, Nice, Good

 The picture on the left is from her 5th birthday, the picture on the right was taken on her 6th birthday...I can see a little difference, she's losing her babyish features.

Happy Birthday my little munchkin!!

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