Friday, 2 August 2013

Pretend & Play Post Office Set Review

Erin returned from her camping holiday and the first thing she saw was the Post Office Set, she couldn't wait to play with it. Damian has been raring to play with it all week while she was away, so while I'd say it's aimed at 3-7 years, Erin and her friends are in the 5-7 age bracket, it certainly appeals to children of all ages.

We were very impressed with the quality of the 'Post Office' and the accessories, they were made by the highest standard and is definitely a step above any other role play toys we've had in the past. There are lots of forms to fill out which Erin loved, she also enjoyed stamping the envelopes before popping them into the post bag ready for delivery. She liked how real the money looked (even I had to look twice at the £2 coins).

Her favourite activity was writing notes to her friends, pretending to be a customer at the Post Office while I had to play the Postal Worker, Erin used her maths skills by counting out her money to pay for the stamp. Then we pretended to be Postman Pat and delivered the letter to her friends.

We've had her friends come to play and all of them have been super impressed with our Post Office Shop and wanted to play too. We have it set up on our kitchen table and it hasn't been packed away all week.

I asked her to sum up how she felt about it and she replied: 'I love my Post Office, it's the best toy ever, I'm a very lucky girl'.

As a parent, I do like my children to have toys which also have educational value, and this Set did not dissapoint. Role play in itself promotes communication, problem solving and self confidence, this set also promotes Maths Skills and Writing Skills. I would thoroughly recommend this wonderful toy, not only for all these benefits, but also for the excellent quality and the quantity of activities to do, Erin and her friends played happily for hours.

*We received a Pretend & Play Post Office Set for this review, but this has not influenced my views in any way

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