Friday, 27 September 2013


What a great week it's been, lots of time spent with the horrors plus a little time out for myself.

I'm linking up again with Lauren Elizabeth for her High 5 For Friday link up. Why not pop over and see what other blogger's are grateful for this week, or even let us know what you've been up to.

So, back to my #h54f

#1 - Doughnuts!! Now I love doughnuts, I could eat them all the time, my favourite is Krispy Kreme, but seeing as we have no vendors in town, I normally go with supermarket brands, which in my honest opinion aren't a patch on Krispy Kreme. However, this week I was walking past Greggs and saw these doughnuts in the window. These doughnuts had a sweet flavoured cream filling and were absolutely delicious!! Albeit, not as delicious as Krispy Kreme, I'm still very loyal to them, but these were still very nice indeed and a fraction of the price.

#2 - Last night Damian's laptop went to laptop heaven, he was up in arms!! 'What am I going to do now?' he wailed, 'Oh I don't know, how about reading, playing with your toys, doing some puzzles, or even, shock horror!! Go outside and play'. He still wasn't convinced on the whole going outside to play so he settled on doing some jigsaw puzzles and he picked some Egyptian puzzles, what a great choice, fun yet educational. He sat at my feet and we had a nice little convo about the different puzzles, as is always the case, he was telling me about them and not the other way around.

#3 - Don't you just love it when you take a sneaky selfie and it comes out much better than you ever imagined. I'm probably with the majority of 30 something ladies that hate having their picture taken, my hair has to be just right and I have to have full make up on before I let someone near me with a camera....however the other day, I took this pic without having any make up on and I really like it.

#4 - Erin drew this picture for me, it's a fish and she wrote 'Mum and Damian and the Fish, I love my Family'. Now bearing in mind, we don't have any pet fish, I think she meant the fish she drew was now a family pet. I love how random she can be without realising it.

#5 - I blogged yesterday about going rambling round the woods, I'm hoping this will become a more regular occurrence for us, we all loved it.

I hope you enjoyed my High 5 for this week, I love taking part in this linky party, it's one of my favourites.

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