Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Erin's Art & Crafts - Mini Creations

Saying that Erin loves Arts & Crafts is a huge understatement, she's forever drawing pictures, colouring in, making people or butterflies out of cardboard toilet rolls.

GL over at kidglloves has introduced a Mini Creations Link Up Party which is a fantastic opportunity for all of our children to showcase their Arts & Crafts.

This week Erin has made a windmill which came as part of her monthly rainy day box.

She also used some of her bug stickers to decorate the sails in the hopes it would attract some real bugs.

Then we put it out in the garden, she's very pleased with how it all turned out.

If you want to show off your own child's Arts & Crafts, why not pop over to kidglloves and join in.

Mini Creations


  1. Grace says - Fab job Erin - we're soooooo pleased you're part of the GL Gang. Looking forward to seeing more of your #minicreations
    The Mums say - We LOVE the idea of calling our linky a party - sending you mega High-5's
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  2. I'm loving the look of that rainy day box, a great way to keep little ones entertained.

  3. My oldest daughter would love this. Great job Erin, love the bug windmill.

  4. A rainy day box is a lovely idea! Her windmill looks fab :)

  5. Two of my daughters have just caught sight of the windmill, so guess whats on our to do list for the weekend!!

  6. got to have a rainy day craft box, not tried a windmill before though, think we might now!

  7. Ahh this looks like a great idea. I love the windmill too :)

  8. I got the Rainy Day box a few months ago and was really pleased with it, Jacob had loads of fun with it - will have to order this latest box.