Saturday, 1 March 2014

Organising my make-up collection

I'm very guilty of having no organisation for my make-up at all, I would either be given make-up or I'll buy it, then I'll chuck it all in a drawer.

This makes trying to find certain products and items very difficult, I could scream for the amount of times I've hunted high and low for my favourite black eye liner and not been able to find it, or a certain colour of eye shadow and I can never find it.

So this morning, I bit the bullet and decided to have a proper sort out of my make-up and organise it in a way that would give me easy access to all my items.

I'm very lucky that my Mum works in the offices at Avon and she gets tons of make-up for a silly fraction of the price they sell for, I'm talking 20p for a tube of mascara, just because the box is a little bashed, nothing wrong with the product, just the box it came's ridiculous!!

You will see from my pictures that most of my items are from Avon, I like their products and my Mum buys then for me, so they're basically freebies and we all know how much I love a freebie!!

So, now for the pictures...

This is how I stored my make-up prior to this morning:

Now you can see my problem with locating certain products!!

I will be buying matching baskets to go with the colour of my room, but for now I used any basket or tub I could get my hands on, and this is after I organised:

 On the left is all my eyeshadows, I think I have pretty much every colour going. On the right is all my lipsticks and glosses.

 On the left is all my mascaras and on the right is all my brushes, some blushers and powder.

 On the bottom left, I've put all my face packs and sample products in a tub, in the middle are creams and on the right are nail polish, I'm not a big fan of nail polish.

On the bottom left are my eyeliners, in the middle are my tinted moisturisers and on the right are my foundations. Top left are all my watchers. next to that are hair products.

This is the top of my chest of drawers, I bought the silver tree ornament ages ago and I'm using it to hang all my earrings on, I think it looks fab and shows off all the earrings fantastically, then I have my bracelets, my face cream and a selection of perfumes.

So that's a wrap, I'm very pleased with how it all turned out, now I can locate my favourite eyeliner or certain colour of eyeshadow.

Now I just have to keep a certain little girl *cough*Erin*cough* out of my makeup!!

Do you organise your makeup for easier access, let me know and I can have a look.


  1. I do organise my makeup but I am currently changing it all up...eek!

  2. Wow that is organised! I am guilty of throwing it into various make up bags and vanity cases, some in the bedroom and some in the bathroom! I really could do with a sort out! #blogclub

  3. Oh, well done, Laura, now you will be able to find everything in a flash! #blogclub

  4. Wow, you've been busy - I'm very impressed! Now just make sure you keep it like that *stern stare* #blogclub

  5. This looks really fanatsic and something I must do too! My make-up is SUCH a mess!

  6. Crikey, I think I'm lucky if I get any make up on in the morning! Mind you if I have the deals of Avon I might make more of an effort!! The time sorting out looks very well spent:) #blogclub

  7. Wow, that looks fantastic! I hardly wear make up these days but mine always used to look like your "before" pictures too! These days it all fits in one small make-up bag. #blogclub

  8. Hehe mine was tidy and hubby said won't stay like that for long needless to say it didn't now all over my dressing table hmm hate it when there right