Saturday, 22 March 2014

If I had three wishes

Three whole wishes.....1, 2, 3......un, deux, trois!!

It's really hard to decide, do I go with the World Peace type wishes, or do I go with the super selfish I'd-like-to-be-rich wishes??

Seeing as this is only hypothetical, I'll go with some of each:

1. World Peace - I wish we could live in a world where everyone accepted everyone else; racism, homophobia and prejudice was completely wiped out. There would be no violence, no fights for power, children were raised to love, not to hate.

2. All deadly diseases could be cured - HIV, Aids, Cancer, Heart disease....all cured!! No more suffering. No more watching your loved ones battle to keep their health. Medical advances are made every day, but I'd still like to give it that helping hand.

3. Never have to worry about my finances every again - I'm not talking about being a billionnaire, I couldn't spend that money if I tried, I'm the sort of person who instead of purchasing a dress for £150, would want at least 3-4 dresses for the same amount. I'd like to be in the position that I would never have to worry about paying bills, feeding myself and my children, clothing us all, maybe even throw in an annual holiday in the sun. It's very selfish I know, but they are my wishes!!

I'm linking up with 'The Prompt', so hop on over and see how others would make their wishes, or even link up a post of your own and share it with us.



  1. I wish your wishes could come true! Mel #ThePrompt

  2. Good wishes... hhmmm this has got me thinking, what would mine be.

  3. I'm loving your wishes, I hope that at least one of them comes true

  4. These are good wishes, I'm the same as you for number 3, even if I had all the money in the world I would still struggle to spend it! #blogclub

  5. That's not selfish at all, after wishing for one and two you deserve three surely! #ThePrompt :-)

  6. Fabulous wishes, I love that you have combined the big issues with something just for you. It would be lovely to not have to think about money, wouldn't it? Thank you so much for linking with #ThePrompt x