Monday, 31 March 2014

Review: Colour In Paper Boxes for Easter from Hobbycraft

We were very lucky to be given the fantastic opportunity of reviewing some of Hobbycrafts Easter goodies.

We selected the following and it arrived through the post last week.

Included were 2 bunny boxes, 2 chick boxes, 4 felt tips and some double-sided sticky tape.

For the purpose of the review, Erin picked a chick box to complete.

First she coloured it on.

She done a good job but the perfectionist in me was screaming to fill it in for her, as hard as it was for me to leave her to it, we arranged the box, stuck it together using the double-sided sticky tape and Erin filled it with some of her sweeties.

Damian had been away camping and because she had missed him so much, Erin wanted to give the box of sweets to him as a welcome home gift!! She's so thoughtful!!

Erin really enjoyed this craft and was very proud of the finished product, it was well suited for her age and only needed a little help folding the box, the rest she completed herself. She is planning on using the remaining boxes to give some Easter treats to her friends.

My opinion is that it is a fantastic craft for children to complete on their own with minimal adult input, the product was good quality as was expected from the UK's best Arts and Crafts retailer.

Erin and myself would recommend this product to others.

If you would like to see what other Easter goodies Hobbycraft have on offer, you can view them using the link below:

Note - We received the colour in paper boxes for review purposes but the words are my own.


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