Saturday, 22 March 2014

Word of the Week

Education is very important, whether that is gained through Public School, Private School, Private Tutoring or Home Schooling, a good education is the most powerful tool we can give our children.

I'm forever drumming into my children to get their heads down and learn, if they're not sure how to do something, or don't quite understand what the teacher has just taught them, then it's always best to put their hand up and say so.

Every Friday, homework is handed out and each of my children know that when they come home, they cannot start their weekend until all of the homework is complete. They huff and puff and complain, but change their tune as soon as it's finished and they can enjoy the rest of the weekend and weekday evenings, without the Thursday homework deadline hanging over their heads.

This week was also School Report Week, I love reading their reports and the praise they receive from their teachers.

Damian always struggles with his school work, he's very intelligent, but his willingness to learn depends on the subject matter and whether or not it interests him. But give him a subject he is interested in and he will learn absolutely everything there is to know. He's currently being assessed on the Autistic Spectrum, so this could explain a lot. I will dedicate a post on this when I find the right words to explain the situation.

Erin, on the other hand, excels at everything she turns her hand too and no surprises, her school report was glowing. The grade 1 is outstanding.
I really don't mean to sound big headed, but she reminds me so much of myself at that age. She always asks me to write out maths sums for her to do, she loves reading as much as I do and she questions everything! Take today for example, she asked why a man was sitting on the floor in dirty clothes, I explained that he was homeless and didn't have a home to go to. This started a barrage of questions: Did he get cold? Why didn't he have a home? Where was his Mum and Dad? Where would he sleep if it was raining?

I thought this was a great opportunity to teach her about homelessness and how easily it can happen to anyone, I told her about shelters and food banks and homelessness happens to children too and that it's very important that we donate to these causes if we can. She was quite upset to hear that some children don't have homes of their own, so this may be an opportunity for some random acts of kindness!

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  1. I remember when I was building a progress file before I moved to uni and my mum found all my old reports out it was so funny looking back and seeing that from reception up to year 11 all my teachers thought I talked too much!


    1. I loved reading my school reports, but unfortunately I lost them when I moved approx 5 years ago.