Saturday, 1 February 2014

Getting organised....with a planner

My love of all things stationery is huge, I can ooh and ahh and sigh over pens, pencils, folders and notebooks for hours. I hope I'm not the only one, but it wouldn't surprise me if I was.

I've been wanting to treat myself to a planner for months but seeing as the year was coming to a close, I knew I should hold off until January and what better way to treat myself for my birthday than to buy myself a planner/diary.

I've sighed over the Erin Condren planner for months

It's a little out of my price range for this year, but I make it my mission to treat myself to one of these in the near future.

I looked for planners a little closer to home, but to be completely honest, nothing came close to the Erin Condren Planner.

Feeling a little deflated, I went onto the Paperchase website and came across this beauty.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. The pattern reminds me of little owls. The cover is padded which protects all the pages inside.

There is a handy zipped pocket inside. I like to keep my pens and roll of washi tape in there for easy access.

To make everything super-easy and organised, I wrote down a list of things that I always write down in my diary then allocated each item a colour. I decided to use my washi tape to highlight everything blog related as it makes the pages so much prettier.

I also ordered these post-its for quick notes or if I need to highlight something.

There are plenty of pages in the back for jotting down notes, making lists etc

There is a cute pocket at the back which I'm using to store invitations or leaflets

I just adore it so much and what's better, it makes me want to be more organised, I look through it every day to check what's coming up, as soon as an event is arranged or an invitation is received, it goes straight into the planner. The best bit is having a weekly glance at everything blog-related.

Here's my planner in action for the next few weeks.

It's definitely making my life that little bit easier and I find I'm more organised, which is always a great thing.

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