Sunday, 2 February 2014

Share It Sunday....A Day In The Life

I really should have scheduled this post on a normal week day when we have a lot more going on, but as it happens, I picked a Saturday which has to be the quietest day of our week.

Our day (or at least mine and Erin's) starts early.

Erin and I have to get up early as she has a ballet class at 8:45am, she gets picked up at 8:25am by my brother who will take her to class and bring her back again. My niece is in the same class so they go together, it saves me from having to trek all the way there then all the way home.

Erin likes her hair done in different styles, but for ballet she has to have it up.

While she was at ballet, I started my first load of this:

Then made my first round of these:

I received my contract through the post. I start a new role on Monday and I'm really looking forward to it.

While making lunch, this was my view from the kitchen window:

It was a lovely sunny day but absolutely freezing. I enjoyed the sunshine from inside my warm house, thank god for the inventor of central heating.

Erin played outside with her friend Lacey for the majority of the day, while Damian stayed in his room and amused himself.

We had this for dinner:

While dinner was cooking, I paid attention to the other end of the kitchen which normally looks like this:

It's very much a dumping ground, I hate it. So while I had some spare time, I gave it a thorough sort out. I'm very pleased with the result:

We ended the evening by watching Despicable Me before shower-time, pyjamas then bed.

Once the kids were in bed, I made myself a drink and watched some of me pre-recorded programmes.

Like I said at the beginning, a very quiet day, but this is how we enjoy our Saturday's. The kids get to have a day to themselves after the stresses of the school week, as long as homework has been completed then Damian likes to chill out in his room either playing on his laptop, watching a film or playing with his trashies. Erin likes to play with her friends outside and lucky me gets to do the housework!!

Thank you for reading my Day In The Life.


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