Monday, 3 February 2014

Laura Every Day 2014

To say I've been pretty rubbish at keeping up with this challenge is an understatement!!

But, thanks to my super-duper new planner, you can read about it here, I now have daily reminders to take a pic every day.

So, onto this past week:

Day 27

I went in to wake Erin up for school and found her sleeping on the floor at the bottom of her bed. You mean your child doesn't do this??

Day 28

Little cutie wearing Mummy's reading glasses.

Day 29

Damian has some social skill problems, his school arranged a Playbuddies scheme for children with similar problems to play games and learn those vital social skills in a controlled environment. He says he really enjoyed it, which is the main thing.

Day 30

Erin likes to hang out in the wooden house before going into her classroom.

Day 31

On a Friday, each child has to complete their homework, only then are they allowed to play.

Day 32

Joining in with Andrea and Erika's #eapicaday over on Instagram. Today's theme is Pink.

Day 33

I detest selfies when I have no make-up on and my hair is a mess, but it shows me as I am, how I look on the school run, or lounging about my house at the weekend.

If you are also taking part in your own daily photograph challenge, then please leave me a message and I can have a look. I'm very nosey and love looking into someone else's life.

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  1. Fab photos!!
    My girls have to do their homework on a Friday after school too....They're never happy about it but it always gets done x