Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New Adventures

If you are a regular reader, you will have seen that I received my contract through the post at the weekend for my new role.

My first day was Monday. Although my job title is Healthcare Assistant, I'm employed in an administration based capacity.

According to my job description my role is to provide support to the Community Nursing Team with assistance in scheduling and arranging workloads.
  • Supporting the team scheduler
  • Assisting with client documentation e.g. printing care plans
  • Prioritise own workload in an autonomous manner
  • Taking telephone messages and relaying correct information to the appropriate person by exchanging factual information
  • Filing
  • Maintaining stationery/supplies for the team
  • Identifies barriers to communication where English is not the first language for the client
  • Identifies physical/mental disabilities, which may present a barrier to communication

I've had a great start, meeting the team I'll be working with and getting to know the systems of work. Knowing I have free reign to bring in my ideas and look for ways to improve our systems of work is a great challenge, and one I want to embrace.

Dressing for the office:

When I looked in my wardrobe for some workwear inspiration, I had 3 pairs of trousers, 1 dress and 1 blazer, all black, along with several other tops of various colours, so I know I have somewhere to start. What is also advantageous, is that I have plenty of handbags to mix and match with different outfits.

What I don't have, are shirts and an assortment of shoes. Well, if we want to be pedantic, I have a pair of black ankle boots and a pair of black flats, but I like to colour co-ordinate my work outfit and sometimes black shoes wont cut it. I have a few accessories to use, but again, I'd like to match some with my outfits so they'll go onto the list too.

So I've been looking to my beloved Pinterest for some inspiration regarding my work attire, I need more of a business casual wear, which basically means no sharp or formal suits but no jeans or t-shirts either.

I adore this blouse, it's cute but still smart enough for the office. It could also be teamed with some black trousers.

I really like the cut of this dress, I find this particular style to be very flattering for the larger woman.

I like this take on the traditional office wear, and I adore the jacket, I think it makes the outfit a little less office-boring and a little more fun.

Again, another take on the traditional office outfit but this time teamed with a very cute blouse. I love the pop of red it provides.

It's been a long time since I've looked forward to going to work in the morning and I'm loving every second of it.


  1. Some lovely outfits there - love the hearts top! Glad you've had a great start x

  2. I love all the outfits you have found! So cute but smart too! Sophie..x #MMWBH

  3. You have some great outfits there, I love all of them! I particularly like the black, white and grey ensemble. #MMWBH

  4. Lovely outfits that you've chosen, I need a bit of office wear inspiration after going back to work after maternity. I'm wearing too much black! #MMWBH

  5. So many lovely outfits and even though I am not a skirt wearer....I'd even go with these!! haha!! Thanks so much for linking up to the Mad Mid-Week Blog hop! xx