Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Becoming money and food savvy

I'm so guilty of wasting food and money, it's unreal. I buy things for the sake of it, I cook huge amounts of food and bin whatever we don't eat.

It all stops now!!

Further to my 'Being prepared in case of an emergency' post, I am trying to put some simple steps into action which will hopefully prevent me from wasting food and ultimately cut down my food shopping budget.

My first step is to purchase some plastic freezable tubs, so that when I make a big batch of say Bolognese etc, I can serve up our meals then put the rest into portions and freeze, this will build up and can be used in future if I can't be bothered cooking or if we all fancy something different and I don't want to cook 3 different meals (this is more common if our house than I like to admit).

I'm an avid reader of the Old Style MoneySaving board on the Money Saving Expert site, there are so many tips and advice for those of us who want to rein in the spending and live a more frugal lifestyle.

My normal weekly food budget is £50 a week, this is for everything that you can purchase in the supermarket; laundry aids, pet food etc. My aim is to meal plan for the week, only buy what is needed and save any money left over from my budget. If the budget allows, I also plan to buy extra bits to put into my store cupboard, but this only has to be an extra £1 or 2 a week, so wont impact too heavily.

If you have any tips or advice on how I become more money and food savvy, then please leave me a message, I welcome all comments.

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