Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wot so Funee

It's been so long since I last linked up and I'm hoping to keep up to date with all my blog-hops.

We were at my Dad and Step-Mum's house for dinner this past Sunday, Erin had taken her doll and some pens and pencils with her colouring in book, while Damian took his Where's Wally books.

I was sat at the table chatting to my step-mum when Damian came up to me with his book and says: 'Look Mum, it's like being at Asda!'

I had to laugh as I'm always saying that Asda is always busy and I think the picture truly represents what it feels like to shop at Asda.

I'm linking up with ActuallyMummy for her Wot So Funee? Blog Hop.

Wot So Funee?


  1. Brilliant - that's Asda on Christmas Eve, right? ;)

  2. I think he has nailed it, especially on the run up to Christmas

  3. that's so sweet - i love it when they make comments like that so true and so funny. xxx