Sunday, 19 January 2014

Erin's Play Room - Share It Sundays

When I was looking for potential houses to rent, I knew I needed 3 decent sized bedrooms to house all our personal belongings, clothes and toys. We all need somewhere to go to, to get away from everything, a safe haven, a personal space. However, what I seemed to find were 2 decent sized bedrooms and 1 box room.

I eventually chose the house we are in now due to the fact that although it only had 2 big bedrooms and 1 very small box room, it also had a dining room area which we wouldn't need to use. It just so happened that the box room was decorated in pink, so it made sense to put Erin in the box room and use the dining room area as a play room for all her toys, leaving Damian and I with a very good sized bedroom. Erin loves her tiny little room which has just enough room to house her bed and a wardrobe. (I wonder how much she will love her room as she gets older??).

Her playroom has evolved over the years since we've been in this house, but I think that we've finally found the perfect outlay for all her toys. But it's encouraging to know that the room is fully adaptable and we can move and arrange things as she gets older and grows out of certain toys.

My vision for the room when she no longer needs it to house her toys, is to turn it into some sort of cosy tv room....cue huge flat screen tv mounted on the wall, a billowing sofa fitted with plenty of cushions and a coffee table to prop up those drinks and snacks.

So, now I've given the room a little intro, I will now leave you with some pictures.

This is the view from the living room door



  1. What a great looking play room! That dolls house is HUGE! haha #shareitsunday

  2. Looks fab! :) xx


  3. That's my long term plan for our play room too - as the kids get older and grow out of their toys they can have it as a relaxing tv and game room to spend time with their friends. It's great for them to have their own space in the house i think

    anna (intheplayroom)