Monday, 6 January 2014

Laura Everyday 2014

I am a religious reader of The Mix and Match Mama blog and last year she introduced her Shayeveryday2013, where she would share a picture everyday which would give an insight to her and her families life. If you've never read this blog, I wholly suggest you fly on over there and start from the very beginning.

With following the Mama all year and knowing how much I loved to see what she and her family got up to, I decided that I would do the same for me and my family and #lauraeveryday2014 was created.

Through the same blog, I also came across these lovely ladies The McAnally's and The Slaughters. I also religiously read these blogs. Both ladies created a Photo A Day in January challenge which looked like a lot of fun, so I've merged the 2 together and will share my #lauraeveryday2014 and #eandajanchallenge pics here every Monday.

If you'd like to join along with these challenges, you can catch me on Instagram:


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You can also catch up with the ladies above on Instagram:


So now with the blurb complete, I can now get on with the photo challenge:

Day 1: Starting off the New Year with my 2 favourite people, all nice and cosy in our pyjamas.

Day 2: A selfie, complete with full make-up.

Day 3: My nice healthy breakfast, thankfully you can't see the very unhealthy sugar in my cup of tea.

Day 4: I turn around and I see Erin curled up on the sofa with her tablet, her baby Olivia and a tub of Celebrations.

Day 5: I absolutely adore reading, there's nothing better than curling up with a good book when the weather is a tad Winter-Crazy and it's warm and cosy inside.

And lastly, I'll leave you with 2 bonus pictures which weren't part of the challenge but I love them too much to not put them on here.



  1. Good luck! I'm rubbish at keeping up with things like this!

    1. I'm pretty rubbish too, but I'm going to try my best xx